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Caberg is glad to present the DRIFT EVO II, the top of the range full face helmet with a modern and sport-inspired design with embedded SOS Medical ID System

DRIFT EVO II is the latest flagship sport-touring helmet from Caberg, launched to mark their 50th anniversary and featuring the innovative SOS MEDICAL ID system.

Following the huge success of the previous Drift Evo model, Caberg have introduced its successor with a brand-new lightweight shell, and an embedded SOS MEDICAL ID system. This exclusive electronic device securely stores the rider’s medical, personal, and emergency contact information. Utilising NFC technology, users can swiftly access stored data by simply bringing a smartphone close to the device, ensuring prompt and precise medical assistance when needed. Furthermore, the CABERG SOS MEDICAL ID system can transmit the exact accident location to pre-saved emergency contacts via SMS, enhancing rider safety and peace of mind.

Beyond the innovative use of the latest digital technology, the Drift Evo II is the culmination of continuous research and development by the Bergamo-based company and is the perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality.

Key features of the DRIFT EVO II include:

  • Lightweight fiberglass shell construction for maximum agility and comfort.
  • Advanced ventilation system with two chin air intakes, two front shell air intakes, and four upper and rear air extractors, along with an internal channelling system for efficient intake of fresh air and extraction of hot and stale air, ensuring optimal airflow throughout the helmet.
  • Sports styling and rear spoiler gives the helmet an aggressive look, enhances aerodynamics and reduces turbulence at higher speed.
  • Scratch-resistant outer visor with anti-fog Pinlock Max Vision 70 lens to ensure clear visibility in various weather conditions.
  • Intuitive quick-release visor mechanism designed to guarantee perfect adherence of the visor to the shell edges.
  • New central visor locking system prevents sudden openings at high speeds while allowing for partial visor closure at low speeds to regulate airflow and prevent fogging if used without the provided pinlock.
  • Integrated sun visor DVT (Double Visor Tech) can be easily operated when wearing gloves via the conveniently positioned lever on the left side of the helmet.
  • Easily removable and washable interior lining ensures hygiene and comfort, with quick-release cheek pads for safe emergency removal while the helmet is worn, activated by pulling red safety straps.
  • Compatible with Caberg Pro Speak Evo intercom for seamless connectivity, enabling music playback from mobile phones, communication with riders up to 200 meters away, and GPS connectivity.
  • DRIFT EVO II is ECE 22.06.

With the unveiling of the DRIFT EVO II coinciding with the brand’s fiftieth anniversary, it serves as a real testament to Caberg’s evolution over the years. Beyond mere technological advancements, this milestone release reflects Caberg’s enduring commitment to design, safety, and comfort standards within the industry.


Caberg UK, c/o Feridax 1957 Ltd
Park Lane, HalesowenWest Midlands B63 2NT

Tel: +44 (0) 1384 413841

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